Beach bar

The beach bar is one of our strong points and it is managed by our family. Matteo, our barman, who takes personal care of everything, is also one of the owner’s sons.

Matteo trained with A.I.B.E.S. (Italian Bartender Association) in 2016. He has taken care of the beach bar since 2015 and from that date we have always tried to focus on the quality of our products and services.

The bar opens in the morning and you can enjoy a nice breakfast by the sea. The day continues with smoothies, shaken coffees and snacks, ending with excellent aperitifs accompanied by something to eat in the evening!

Just to emphasise the location of our beach bar. It is located on a concrete terrace which faces the sea with excellent seating and a covered canopy. Aperitif Hour ! You can enjoy the most classic of cocktails or choose variants from the drink list created by our barman which changes each summer. Also available are similar drinks with premium spirits, such as premium gin and tonic, premium mojito, caipirinha and caipiroska.

We invite you to visit us, relax and enjoy the moment!!!

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